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Before and After Rust Photos Using Evapo-Rust

Evapo-Rust is a rust remover that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe on skin. It will remove rust but leave metal and plastic unharmed. As you can see from the photos below, this product is very effective in removing rust. If you can soak the rusted item, this method is the most efficient at removing all the rust, including the areas that would be hard to reach with abrasives.

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Before the treatment, these snips were too rusty to use. After soaking in Evapo-Rust, these snips are completely free of rust.
Rusty Snips Clean Snips
This trowel was found in the back of an old barn. After a long soak, this trowel can now be used again.
Rusty Gardening Trowel Rust Free Gardening Trowel
This plane was handed down to a son and sat unused in a garage for many years. This plane is now a valuable tool in the shop.
Rusty Stanley No 78 Plane Stanley No. 78 After Evapo-Rust
This No. 80 Stanley scraper was neglected for many years. This tool can now be put back into service.
Stanley No. 80 Scraper With Rust Stanley No. 80 Scraper Without Rust
This hand plane was too rusty to use. After removing all of the parts from the plane, we noticed that rust was even covering the machine surfaces on the inside of the plane. After soaking in Evapo-Rust, this plane is now in great shape. All of the japanning (black enamel) that was left on the plane was untouched by the process. This plane, that was destined for the junk heap, is now ready for a new woodworking project.
Hand Plane With Rust Hand Plane Without Rust
This is a good example of an old shovel that has seen its share of mud, rain and abuse. The rust is thick and unsightly. Soaking the shovel in Evapo-Rust produced these results. Now this shovel is ready for a few more decades of work in the yard.
Shovel with Deep Rust Shovel Cleaned with Evapo-Rust
This old oil filler cap has become rusted after many years of neglect. After just over an hour the oil filler cap is completely free from rust.
Rusty Gas Cap Gas Cap with No Rust
This rusted bolt is so severely corroded that it would likely seize if used. After soaking in Evapo-Rust the bolt and washer are now clean and ready to use.
Rusty Bolt and Washer Bolt and Washer with No Rust
This old hoe had sat unused in a barn for decades. After removing the rust with with Evapo-Rust, this old tool looks like new again.
Rusty Bolt and Washer Bolt and Washer with No Rust

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