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Hand Tool Rust Removal FAQ

What do you recommend for removing rust from heavily-rusted hand tools?
If the tools are heavily rusted we highly recommend using Evapo-Rust. Soaking your tools in the solution will remove all of the rust, while leaving the steel unharmed. Using this method is a big time saver as opposed to abrasive methods of rust removal, such as using sandpaper or steel wool.

What do you recommend for removing slight rust from hand tools?
The Sandflex Rust Erasing Blocks are very convenient for spot rust removal. Just rub them like erasers and they will remove the rust. Since abrasive methods of rust removal are slower than other methods, we don't recommend this method for deeply-rusted hand tools.

Do you recommend Rust Free for hand tools?
Yes, Rust Free works well on hand tools. A quick spray and a wipe down with a rag will remove light rust caused by fingerprints. However, if you have a heavy-coating of rust, Evapo-Rust would be the preferred method of rust removal.

Will removing rust from my antique tools decrease their value?
This is a big debate among tool collectors. Many tool collectors believe that you should leave tools as found, so none of the character of the tool is scrubbed, wiped, or soaked away. If you primarily own tools for collecting or reselling, you may want to leave the rust on the tool to let the next owner decide how to restore it.

However, if you want use your tools, we recommend removing the rust. We believe vintage tools are often very well-made and can have a useful place in the modern shop or garage. Evapo-Rust, Sandflex Blocks or Rust Free can all be used effectively to turn a pile of rusty tools into shop workhorses.

See for yourself how well Evapo-Rust works on tools with our “before and after” photo gallery.



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