Aerosol Snake Wand

Aerosol Snake Wand

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  • Use with the Valugard VG-101A Rust Inhibitor
  • 24" long flexible wand
  • Gets into hard-to-reach areas inside automotive frames


Apply Valugard Rust Inhibitor in hard to reach spots with the Aersol Snake Wand.

Valugard VG-101A Rust Inhibitor has excellent crevice penetration and dries to a firm, no runs no drips finish making it ideal for using inside automotive frames and other enclosed areas where rust can start. Of course, getting the Rust Inhibitor into these spots is the hard part.

That’s where the Aerosol Snake Wand comes in. This 24” long flexible wand attaches directly to the nozzle of the VG-101A aerosol can. The tip of the wand directs the spray to all sides creating a fog in order to coat all surrounding surfaces. Just insert the wand as deeply as possible and spray while pulling the wand out slowly. Hold the can upside down and spray for a couple seconds when finished to keep the wand clear.

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