CitriSurf Copper Sulfate Passivation Test Kit

CitriSurf Copper Sulfate Passivation Test Kit

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Test Stainless Steel to see if iron is present on the surface. This test kit includes everything you'll need to test Stainless Steel (except 400 grades). Apply a small amount of Citrisurf® Copper Sulfate solution to your surface and let sit for at least 6 minutes. Apply additional solution as needed to keep the surface wet. Carefully rinse and air dry being careful not to disturb any copper deposits that may be present. If the tested area has a copper (pinkish) residue, there is iron present on the surface. Not intended for use on 400 grade Stainless Steel surfaces. 2 ounces of liquid. Instructions included.

This is an acceptance test, it is not intended to demonstrate that a part has not gone through the passivation treatment, but rather it indicates the presence or absence of iron on the surface of the stainless steel. "Pass" conditions prior to the passivation treatment can be expected for many grades if no iron contamination has occurred.

SDS sheet available upon request

CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc., McHenry, IL US.

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