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Detect a corrosive environment before corrosion costs you money!

The CORROMETER is a corrosion sensor that lets you know if your environment is corrosive. It can be used with or without your current rust prevention strategies to determine if your strategies are working.

The CORROMETER is calibrated to measure corrosion that is taking place in the location where you put your CORROMETER. Don't wait for your assets to fail to determine if your environment is corrosive. The CORROMETER measures the corrosion for you so you can evaluate your strategies in a controlled manner.

How it Works

The CORROMETER measures conductivity of the sample metal. As the sample metal corrodes, the conductivity changes and the calibrated CORROMETER lets you know the percentage of corrosion. Each CORROMETER is powered by a lithium battery for long service life.

Checking Your CORROMETER

Checking your CORROMETER is as simple as checking a battery. Simply press down on your CORROMETER and the colored bar will indicate the percentage of corrosion from 0% to 100% corroded.

How Sensitive is the CORROMETER

The CORROMETER is more sensitive to corrosion than your circuit board. Think of your CORROMETER as an early warning system for corrosion. Your CORROMETER will show corrosion before your assets have critical corrosion related issues. This early warning system is important because the time to invest in a rust prevention strategy is before your assets corrode.

How the CORROMETER Works with Rust Prevention Strategies

The CORROMETER works with all of your rust prevention strategies. With a spray or liquid rust prevention product, just apply it directly to the copper surface. With VCI, just place the CORROMETER in the location being protected.

CORROMETER Specifications:

  • Flame resistance polymer construction
  • Nominal corroding thickness 0.15µm (.005905")
  • Visual indicating corrosion scale (0-100%)
  • Individual and unique QR 2D bar code (For asset and inventory tracking, no duplicate bar codes)
  • Dimensions: 3" Long x 5/8" Wide x 5/8" High
  • Test Metal: Copper
  • Working Temperature: -40 to 150 degrees F (-40 to 65 degrees C), Conduct testing at 77 degrees F +/1 15 degrees (25 degrees C +/- 10 degrees C

Q. Is the CORROMETER compatible with VCI products?

A. Yes, is was designed to work with VCI. To measure the effectiveness, just place the CORROMETER within the enclosed area that is VCI protected. If it shows no corrosion, the environment is protected.

Q. The CORROMETER is copper, does that also measure ferrous metal corrosion (rust)?

A. Yes, the copper corrodes in similar environments as ferrous metals. In the case of VCI, we recommend using the CORROMETER with multi-metal VCI protection.

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