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Cortec EcoAir VpCI 337 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

Cortec EcoAir VpCI 337 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

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The EcoAir 337 Bio-Based Interior Corrosion Inhibitor by Cortec is a water-based mist for corrosion protection in enclosed spaces. Non-toxic, dries tack-free. For internal protection of crates, shipping boxes, containers, etc. Multimetal protection. Non-toxic. Nonflammable, extinguises fire. 13 oz.

What is EcoAir?
Cortec has introduced a major step forward in aerosol technology with the introduction of EcoAir air-powered aerosol products. For the first time in industry, we are providing aerosol products that are powered by compressed air and not by traditional chemical propellants. This technology is innovative because the product is filled into a four-layer Mylar EcoPouch which is inserted into the can. Once pressurized, the bag is filled. As the valve is depressed the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s internal fluids. The major advantages of EcoAir technology are:

  • Nonflammable.
  • Spraying in any direction, even upside down.
  • No product contamination by propellant.
  • Safer to ship and store, with very low or no environmental impact.
  • Unique water-based products

Safe for the environment
Cortec EcoAir products do not contain propellants, CFCs or HCFCs that affect the atmosphere, ozone layer or environment. When possible, EcoSpray products are formulated with ingredients rated for their biodegradability and non-polluting characteristics, minimizing waste disposal.

Safe for storage
EcoSpray products have no storage or added fire insurance restrictions. They can be stored like any non-aerosol lubricant or cleaner at room temperature. Do not let product freeze.

Safe for the user
EcoSpray products have been specially formulated to improve safety for the consumer as well as the environment. The products do not contain 1,1,1 trichloroethane, methylene chloride or chlorinated solvents.

EcoSpray products are packaged in recyclable aluminum cans.

Shipping Weight 1.3 lbs.

Cortec Product Code: 35860801.

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