A Customer Removes Rust Caused by Years of Watering with Rusty Water

I recently bought a house that had six years worth of rust on the sidewalks from a well water supplied sprinkler system. I had tried scrubbing with a wire brush, power washing, muriatic acid, and scouring powders containing oxalic acid, but none of them had much of an affect. I found your online store after googling "concrete rust 'tried everything'" and decided to place an order. I just received my order today and mixed up a small batch to test a spot. Attached is a picture with the results after I power washed it clean.

Thanks for a great product! I'll likely have to place another order to finish the whole sidewalk soon.

by Jaimie

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Customer Tests Concrete Rust Remover on 6 Year Old Rust Stains
Rusty Stone Patio

Thanks for the great photo Jaimie. Your sidewalk will look great when you can remove the rust from the rest of the sidewalk.