The Rust Store,

I know you folks already know this, but this stuff is miraculous. I don't know how the heck it works, but it works BETTER THAN I IMAGINED!

Check out my firearm restoration project. This is an old family relic shotgun found in the rafters of a tool shed on the farm. My grandfather bought it from someone for 5 dollars back in the 40's... He gave it to my dad who used it all of his growing up years, and lost track of it in his early adulthood. Now, nearly 30 years later, he found his old friend, and gave it to me, to see if I could get it looking decent again.

I plan on passing it along to my son someday -- that will be four generations for this old shotgun. Thanks for the amazing product.

My thread with pictures is posted here on one of my favorite websites.

Please take a look, and feel free to use any pictures you'd like to show off how great Evapo Rust is.

Randy C.
Salt Lake City, UT

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Rusted Antique Shotgun After using Evapo-Rust the shotgun was completely free of rust.
Rusted ShotgunNo Rust on Shotgun
Rusted ShotgunNo Rust on Shotgun
Rusted ShotgunNo Rust on Shotgun