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I found Evapo-Rust on the internet and was thrilled to find a product that would remove rust and could be used safely indoors. My art studio had recently flooded and I needed to restore the scrap metal in my metal "quilt" to its different surface colors and qualities and called John at The Rust Store to see if Evapo-Rust would be able to help me obtain the results I needed. John not only gave me friendly service, but he also gave me great advice on alternative ways to use the product based on research I had done on the internet. In order to de-rust a very large amount of metal I soaked each piece in Evapo-Rust briefly and then wrapped each piece in saran-wrap in order to keep the moisture in. After letting the squares sit for quite awhile I rinsed them off in the sink (using a paint brush and steel wool to dislodge any rust that was being stubborn due to the fact that I had not soaked the squares for the full amount of time) and then resoaked them in Evapo-Rust before letting them air dry. My quilt squares were back to their original condition and I was able to re-do my installation. I would highly recommend this product!

Kerry Adams

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A flood caused rust on the entire art project. After soaking the parts in Evapo-Rust, the art project is now on display.
Rusted PiecesDuring Rust Removal
Rusted Pieces 2Rust Free Final Result