Removing Rust From Golf Clubs

The Rust Store,

Here are the before and after pictures of my golf club project. I am sending two pictures after using your Evapo-Rust product.

After trying many products to remove rust from golf clubs, I found that Evapo-Rust saved me a lot of time and effort in cleaning these clubs.

I purchased at a consignment store over 200 woods and irons....all rusted. Depending on the amount of rust, it took between a couple of hours or less, to an overnight submerging of the clubs in a bucket of Evapo-Rust.

After removing the clubs from the solution it was necessary to lightly rub each club with a 0000 steel wool and then dip it in water and wipe the clubs clean, as per photo attached. A number of these clubs were over 30 years old....and now look like new due to Evapo-Rust.

Art B.
Thiells, NY

One of 200 rusted golf clubs. After using Evapo-Rust the clubs were completely free of rust.
Rusty Golf ClubNo Rust on Golf Club


2014 Update: I just spoke with Art, 8 years after he bought his first gallon of Evapo-Rust. He just used it all up. After all these years it was still working for him but he needed a fresh gallon to work on more clubs.

Thanks for the feedback on the product. Most people don't believe that the product can last that long.

The Rust Store