Rust Removal FAQs

How do different rust removers differ? There are many different factors that distinguish rust removers from one another. To select the right rust remover for your specific need, check out our Rust Remover Comparison Chart.

Is Evapo-Rust safe to use on the inside of gas tanks? Many happy customers have used Evapo-Rust for this exact purpose. Evapo-Rust is not acidic and will not eat away good metal or promote rust like certain acids can. It is also water soluble so it can be rinsed with water. Small tanks, like motorcycle tanks, can be filled to the top. Larger tanks can be partially filled with Evapo-Rust. After the product has had enough time to work (an hour for light rust or 8-12 hours for heavy rust), it can then be rotated to cover a different part of the tank. Continue to rotate the tank until you have removed the rust from the entire tank. If a lot of rust is removed from the tank, there may be some carbon residue left behind. In normal situations, you can remove this easily with a pad. However, the inside of a gas tank would be best cleaned out with a pressure washer.

How can I get a rust stain off my kitchen floor? Boeshield Rust-Free Spray is a great rust stain remover that works well on a variety of surfaces. If the stain is on concrete, however, Concrete Rust Remover, made by Singerman Laboratories, is the way to go.

What can I use to remove rust without damaging a painted surface? Since acid is known to dull or remove paint, a less acidic rust remover is preferable. Evapo-Rust is pH neutral and is the mildest rust remover available and will not damage the paint, metal or any surrounding surfaces.

How do you remove rust from a concrete driveway? Concrete Rust Remover is the best product to remove rust from concrete and can be applied to a large area.

What are some of the milder rust removers? Evapo-Rust is a pH neutral rust remover that requires soaking the object. Bullfrog Rust Remover is highly effective and only mildly acidic.

What's the best way to remove rust from small metal parts? Small parts like nuts and bolts, and small components, are best removed with Evapo-Rust. Since the parts are small, they can easily be submerged in the Evapo-Rust. Very light rust may be removed in as little as 10 minutes, heavier rust make take 8-12 hours of soaking.

Is there a product that takes rust stains out of clothing? Yes. Magica Rust Remover works quite well on clothing with no scrubbing necessary. Just test it on a very small, indiscreet part of your clothing before applying it to a larger, more prominent spot.

Can I brush Evapo-Rust on my rust spots? Evapo-Rust is a soaking rust remover. If you simply apply Evapo-Rust to a rusted area it will evaporate before much rust removal occurs. To remove light rust, soak for 10 minutes to an hour. For heavy rust, soak for 8 or more hours. Evapo-Rust works very well on items that you can soak.

What do I do about a rusted nut that just won't budge? Boeshield Rust-Free Spray, a strong acidic rust remover, is a great way to remove that rust quickly.

I have a 5-gallon motorcycle gas tank that I want to soak with Evapo-Rust. Can I buy a one-gallon jug and fill the rest with water?. We don't recommend diluting Evapo-Rust. It simply won't yield good results. We have an Evapo-Rust 5-gallon container that is perfect for motorcycle gas tanks. If you want to make due with less, you can partially fill the tank, let it soak, and then shift it to get other parts of the tank.

What can I use to remove rust from vinyl weave fabric? We've had good customer satisfaction using Boeshield Rust-Free Spray on vinyl. Test it in an inconspicuous spot first.

What should I use to restore rusted cast-iron power tools? We recommend Boeshield Rust-Free Spray to remove rust from cast iron. Very heavy rust may require multiple applications. Heavy rust is also remedied with an abrasive. Just remember that the abrasive won't tell the difference between rust and iron, so use accordingly.

I'm done soaking my rusted item in Evapo-Rust. How do I clean off any residue? Make sure you rinse off after you remove it from the Evapo-Rust solution. You can rinse it off with either water or clean Evapo-Rust solution to provide temporary rust protection.

I have rust on the brick siding on my house. What product should I use? Concrete Rust Remover will remove rust from brick. Just like with any rust removal from a colored surface, use a small amount on an inconspicuous spot first before applying to a larger area.

I have a strong allergy to chemicals with strong odors. What is the best rust remover for me? Bullfrog Rust Remover is a low-odor rust remover. For rust protection with minimal odor, we recommend Bullfrog Rust Blocker.

What is a good product to remove rust form vinyl siding? Boeshield Rust-Free Spray is good at removing rust from vinyl siding. It is very acidic, though. So, be careful not to get it on any plants surrounding the house.

What are the shelf lives for rust products? Our rust removers have no shelf life. The only product we carry with a shelf life is rust converter. We rotate our stock frequently to assure that the freshest batches reach our customers. The rust converter will be good for nine months after purchase.

How long does Evapo-Rust last? Evapo-Rust does not have a shelf life, so you don't have to use it up within a given timeframe. Once you start using Evapo-Rust, its rust-removing qualities will gradually diminish. The solution will start to turn black and will eventually stop removing rust. Feel free to use it until this happens. If you so choose, you can have a fresher batch of Evapo-Rust to follow your used Evapo-Rust for a final soak.