Removing Rust from Rusty Cast Iron Frying Pan

Dan - February 11, 2016

So as we mentioned in the last post, we do use and test the various products that we sell. Some might call it "play" but we like to say "experiment". Whatever you call it, we learn from it, and we like to share our results.

Our Customer Service Manager, Darren, likes to hunt for antiques, and on one of his forays he discovered this gem of a rusty frying pan. Of course his first thought was that the Rust Guys would love it. And of course, we did.

Darren's Rusty Cast Iron Pan - November, 2015

Rusty Cast Iron Pan Bottom - November, 2015

We already knew that Evapo-Rust works very well for removing rust from cast iron, so into a bath of Evapo-Rust it went.

But here's the interesting part. That all happened in November, and as happens that time of year, we then got very busy. One thing led to another, and long story short, we forgot about Darren's rusty frying pan.

In early February, we remembered it.

Rusty Cast Iron Pan Soaking in Evapo-Rust - February 2016

As you can see, the bath was pretty much jet black by then. But the cool thing is that when we pulled the pan out and rinsed it off, it was just fine after sitting in Evapo-Rust for 3 months.

Rust Free Cast Iron Pan

Rust Free Cast Iron Pan Bottom

So what we learned was that you really don't have to worry about damaging things by leaving them in Evapo-Rust for extended periods of time. Now we're not suggesting that you should store your cast iron in the stuff, but we think that it's good to know that extended periods of contact won't harm anything either.

So Darren got a non-rusty frying pan, and we learned something about Evapo-Rust. All in all, it made for exciting times around here.