Hand Tool Kit

Hand Tool Kit

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Save over 10% by purchasing the items in the Hand Tool Kit together compared to ordering them separately.

Hand tool users have always battled with their tools rusting. Whether you’re a fine woodworker that works out of your garage or basement shop or a career machinist, you’ve seen what happens to unprotected tools. We’ve developed a kit from our product line and bundled it to save your tools and your money. This kit protects your tools in a variety of ways so your tools are never left without protection.

The first line of defense for your fine tools is the 6-pack of Bull Frog vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) strips. The vapor emitted by the strips protects your tools with a safe, non-toxic and invisible layer of protection. These strips protect your tools when they are being stored in your trunk, drawer, toolbox or cabinet. (View Strips Separately)

The next line of defense for your tools is the tool wipes. These wipes are easy and convenient to use. After using your tools just wipe them down to provide a thin layer of protection and to prevent rust from forming after exposing your tools to the salt and moisture in your hands. (View Tool Wipes Separately)

In the event any of your tools have small areas of rust, the fine Sandflex block will remove light rust from your tools. Just rub the rusted area like an eraser to remove the rust. (View Sandflex Blocks Separately)

Optional - 1 Gallon of Evapo-Rust Rust Remover: In the event that your tools are more than a little rusted, Evapo-Rust is a great hand tool rust remover. It works great on hand tools because it removes rust and leaves the good metal unharmed. Simply soak your tool in Evapo-Rust for 20 minutes to remove light rust or overnight to remove extremely heavy rust. Evapo-Rust will not harm plastic or wooden handles. It is a water-based, non-toxic liquid that is environmentally safe to use – no fumes or bad odors. The biodegradable solution requires no special equipment or scrubbing to use and can be safely disposed into sewers and drains. Evapo-Rust has an indefinite shelf life and can be used over and over again until it stops working. (View Evapo-Rust Separately)

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Shipping Weight 1 lbs. (with Evapo-Rust 11 lbs.)

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