Norton Bear-Tex Hand Pad 5 Pack

Norton Bear-Tex Hand Pad 5 Pack


Non-Abrasive White - $6.99
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Final Shine Gray - $6.99
In Stock - Ships Today
General Purpose Maroon - $6.99
In Stock - Ships Today
Heavy Duty Dark Tan - $15.99
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The Norton Bear-Tex hand pads are flexible non-woven pads. These versatile pads can be used with rust-removing chemicals for faster rust removal. Unlike using steel wool, these pads won't rust, shed or splinter. The pads are sold in packages of 5. Each pad is 6" x 9" in size. The Beartex pads are available in multiple grits to meet your abrasive rust removal needs. The White is a non-abrasive non-woven pad. The final shine gray pad is the finest abrasive grit and is meant for finishing or very light rust removal. The general purpose maroon pad is a good overall grit for light rust removal. The heavy duty dark tan pad is the coarsest grit of the Bear-Tex pads and can be used for the most aggressive hand-abrasive applications.

Available in White Non-Abrasive, Final Shine Gray, General Purpose Maroon and Heavy Duty Dark Tan.

  White Gray Maroon Dark Tan
Steel Wool Equivalent 0000 000 Between 0 and 1 Between 1 and 2
Norton Number #456 #748 #747 #740

Shipping weight 0.3 lbs.

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