What do you recommend to prevent rust on golf clubs? I even have some stainless Ping clubs that sometime show rust.

We have many customers that have asked us the best way to protect their clubs. The concern with clubs is the fact that you don't want anything interfering with the face of the club. Because of that, we don't recommend applying anything to the club. Drying your clubs with a towel after use will greatly reduce rusting. The one particular trouble spot where we do recommend treating is on the cavity back. This is often the most rust prone area, so a quick spray and wipe down with T-9 in the back won't effect the performance of the club and will greatly reduce rusting.

The other approach if all else fails is to remove the rust when it forms. We've saved many clubs with a quick soaking in Evapo-Rust. View our before and after photos of rusty golf clubs.