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Battery Acid Stains on Concrete

How do I remove battery acid stains from concrete?

The Concrete Rust Remover is an effective way to remove stains left by battery acid on concrete. This is a common problem that occurs from leaks in a golf cart's battery. The Army Corps of Engineers has been purchasing the Concrete Rust Remover for this problem for the last ten years. They use it to remove the acid stains left by the golf carts that they use to taxi up and down the locks and dams. When they park and charge the golf cart batteries, they often bubble over and stain the concrete. With a little extra scrubbing, the Concrete Rust Remover removes the ugly battery acid stains from the concrete.

Stains left from battery acid on concrete, brick, driveways, and sidewalks, will look like a rust stain (reddish-orange in color), but in fact they are burns caused by the acid in the battery. The Concrete Rust Remover will work effectively on these "burned" areas and remove the colored stains.

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