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Boeshield T-9 FAQs

Boeshield T-9 FAQs

How can I get a durable rust prevention coating for machine parts?. Boeshield T-9 is a waxy rust prevention product that offers a 6-month layer of protection for machine parts. Unlike paints, it is easily removable and is available in 12-oz. spray cans or in gallon jugs.

Can Boeshield T-9 be removed? Yes, Boeshield T-9 can be removed with mineral spirits or a degreaser.

What is the shelf life for Boeshield T9? Boeshield T-9 does not spoil and has an indefinite shelf life.

What can I do to provide protection with T-9 but not have the look and feel of a coating? Boeshield T-9 can be used much in the same way you'd use an automotive wax for protection. You spray it on, let it dry then buff it in with a cloth. This provides a thin layer of protection and will not provide any noticeable film. However with this method, the protection is reduced so we do recommend more frequent applications.

If I apply a thicker coating of T-9, will it offer longer rust protection? Yes, applying a thicker coating will increase the effectiveness and the length of protection.

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