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Clean a Brass Bed

Brass Bed Cleaning Testimonial

In the event you want yet another testimonial to using CitriSurf® Brass/Bronze Cleaner on very old brass beds consider this it!!!!Your product is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We purchased our brass bed from a Michigan farm house in the late 70's and it originates circa 1890, so it was and always has been tarnished, and has lived in my father's attic for the past 15 years. Well, in a word (or two), it looks VIRTUALLY NEW!!!!!! This bed has never looked so spectacular, and a brass cleaning place wanted $1200 to do the same job.

Thank You
Barry & Debra

Cleaning a Brass Bed

Citri-Surf Brass/Bronze Cleaner is a high quality blend of chemicals formulated for the cleaning and passivation of stainless steel products. It is provided in trigger sprayer bottles for applications where it is desired to spray the product on a local area. CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner is specifically designed to provide a portable, low cost and efficient removal of contaminants and all free iron from the surface of stainless steel. It has also been found to be an effective cleaner for brass and bronze.

CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc., McHenry, IL US.
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