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Concrete Rust Remover Testimonials

Removing Rust From Concrete

I recently purchased a small tub of Concrete Rust Remover. It managed to do what the professionals could not! With just one brush-on application to iron oxide stains on my driveway, just fifteen minutes later a water hose washed the rust away. I'm so impressed that I'm ordering additional rust removal products for my bathroom. Thank you for the great products!

Wayne T.
Millers Creek, NC


Several weeks ago my husband spread granular Ironite on the lawn and forgot to sweep off the sidewalk afterward. It rained that night and in the morning the sidewalk was terribly stained with ugly orange spots. I tried several other rust removers and they did virtually nothing. The spots only lightened up a tiny bit. I just tried your rust remover on my badly stained sidewalk and it actually worked! All of the stains came off with a bit of scrubbing. Your product is a miracle.



In these days of more complaints than praise, I find it refreshing to tell you how pleased I am with your concrete rust remover. It did all that was claimed. I must have spent $100 on products that did not phase the rust. My thanks and I will certainly recommend your products.

Robert W., Fayetteville, TN


I recently bought a house that had six years worth of rust on the sidewalks from a well water supplied sprinkler system. I had tried scrubbing with a wire brush, power washing, muriatic acid, and scouring powders containing oxalic acid, but none of them had much of an affect. I found your online store after googling "concrete rust 'tried everything'" and decided to place an order. I just received my order today and mixed up a small batch to test a spot. Attached is a picture with the results after I power washed it clean.

Thanks for a great product! I'll likely have to place another order to finish the whole sidewalk soon.


Concrete Rust Remover

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