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Customer Improves Curb Appeal

A Customer Removes Rust Caused Fertilizer Stains - Improves Curb Appeal of House

I just wanted to let you know that I sent for your product a few days ago and got to use it today. I have been looking for years for a product like yours. I have used many things that would not work at all, even had to return them. The fertilizer I use puts rust stains on the sidewalk when the water runs across it. It has been looking very bad for years. Now we are getting ready to sell our house and the curb appeal was bad with all the rust stains. I used your product today and all I can say it does exactly like you advertise. It is like a miracle, the rust is there and than it is gone. I want to thank you for having Concrete Rust Remover.

I am sending you a couple of pictures before and after.

by RZ from Highlands Ranch, CO

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BEFORE: House Photo Shows Rust on Sidewalk AFTER: Sidewalk is Free of Rust
Rust on Sidewalk of Home Sidewalk has no rust.
BEFORE: Customer is working on rust stain. AFTER: Closeup of Sidewalk, no rust!
Rust on Sidewalk Sidewalk is free of rust.

Thanks for the great photo R Z. I'm so glad we could help. No doubt that will help your curb appeal. John from The Rust store

Concrete Rust Remover

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