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Firearm Rust Protection During Storage

Protecting Your Guns in Storage

Gun SafeEveryone knows that they should clean their firearms after they’ve been used. However, during times of the year when your firearms are not being used, rust and corrosion can also become a problem. Fortunately, gun cabinets and gun safes are the best environment to use a technology called Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) to protect your valuable investment.

To use the VCI technology, just place a Bull Frog VCI emitter in your gun cabinet or safe and the emitter will protect your guns from corrosion. The emitters come in two sizes that are great for gun cabinets or safes. The smaller cup is good for cabinets up to 10 cubic feet, which covers smaller cabinets. The larger shield protects up to 50 cubic feet, which should cover just about any size gun cabinet or safe.

Purchase VCI Emitters

Do the guns need to be enclosed in a cabinet or safe to be protected from rust?
For the VCI technology to work, the guns must be kept in an enclosed area such as a cabinet, safe, or box.

How long to do the emitters last in after opening?
In a cabinet or safe, the emitters provide 1 year of rust and corrosion protection. After 1 year, you can remove it and add a replacement VCI emitter.

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