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How Do I Remove Rust Stains Caused By Fertilizer?

What would you recommend for removing rust on concrete? I just applied fertilizer to my lawn and it left several rust spots on my driveway and sidewalk.

Many fertilizers on the market today contain a small percentage of iron. Fertilizers with iron are commonly used to create a greener, healthier lawn by preventing and correcting yellowing from iron or manganese deficiencies.

We have a product that is specially formulated for removing rust stains on concrete. Singerman Concrete Rust Remover works extremely well at getting rid of rust stains on concrete including those caused by lawn fertilizer. Sold in a 22 oz. powdered concentrate, it can simply be mixed with water to form a gel that will cover approximately 60 square feet of concrete. After standing for approximately 15 minutes it can simply be washed away with a hose. More importantly it will not harm your grass or vegetation. For very large areas we recommend the 60 lb. Concrete Rust Remover Drum.

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These photos show the ugly rust stains caused by the fertilizer such as Ironite. Since many fertilizers contain a small percentage of iron, they will often leave rust spots on concrete surfaces once they get wet from rain or lawn watering. To avoid future problems, we recommend a thorough sweeping of these surfaces after fertilizer is applied.
Rusty Driveway Rust on Driveway Closeup
Rusty Sidewalk Rust Stains on Sidewalk
The customer mixed the Concrete Rust Remover with water as directed. We recommend that you have a bucket and a stir stick handy for proper mixing.
Preparing to use the Concrete Rust Remover Mixing the Concrete Rust Remover
These photos show the Concrete Rust Remover during the application process. It's recommended that you the apply the product with a brush. The scrub brush might be necessary to use on stubborn stains.
During Concrete Rust Remover Application Scrubbing Stubborn Stains
Let the product sit on the area for 15-30 minutes. Hose off a small section to determine if it needs to sit longer or requires scrubbing then wash off well with a hose. (Note: If you have a large area of rust stains, we recommend breaking it down into smaller sections as you work.)
Leave the product sit on the area for 15--30 minutes Hose off the area thoroughly
Both the driveway and sidewalk are free of rust stains and look like new again. Also please notice that this photo was taken a few weeks after application and the grass is green from the fertilizer and not harmed in any way from the product.
The driveway looks great after removing the rust stains The sidewalk is free of rust stains after using Concrete Rust Remover

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