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How does Rust Bullet Work?

How does Rust Bullet Work?

How does Rust Bullet Work?

How does Rust Bullet work to protect surfaces from rust?

Rust Bullet has the ability to be applied directly over rusty metal and provide outstanding adhesion and rust prevention. When applied to a rusty surface, Rust Bullet penetrates the rust layer to the iron or steel underneath before applying a film. Rust Bullet dehydrates the rust, allowing it to intertwine with the resin matrix and become a permanent part of the protective coating.

This protective coating protects metal surfaces in three ways:

Barrier Protection - Rust Bullet forms a barrier that blocks moisture, oxygen and chemicals from penetrating. While all coatings are permeable to some degree, Rust Bullet provides a superior barrier coating.

Inhibition - Rust Bullet contains special pigments that inhibit or interfere with corrosive reactions. These pigments slowly dissolve with the moisture that does pass through the barrier coating, in aid in stopping future corrosion.

Sacrificial Action - Rust Bullet is rich in aluminum. This aluminum will slowly "sacrifice" surface integrity to preserve the iron or steel substrate.

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