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How Many Coats of Rust Bullet Do I Need?

How Many Coats of Rust Bullet Do I Need?

How does Rust Bullet Work?

I am using Rust Bullet paint. How many coats do I need to apply?

Typically, 2 coats minimum of Rust Bullet Standard Formula or Rust Bullet Automotive Formula are required.

It is important that Rust Bullet be applied thickly enough to create a proper barrier coat over the metal substrate. If it is applied too thinly, there are likely to be voids or holes in the protective coating. These holes may be tiny, invisible to the eye, but they will allow moisture and oxygen to penetrate, compromising the rust protection of Rust Bullet. For most applications, a minimum thickness of 6 mil (.0006 inches or .1524 millimeters) is required to meet this standard, which typically equates to 2 coats. For industrial or marine applications, the minimum thickness is doubled to 12 mil.

Keep in mind that using multiple coats to achieve the final thickness is important. Laying on Rust Bullet too thickly will result in blemishes like fish eyes or blistering, which are both visually undesirable and less effective at providing protection. The first coat should be generous enough to penetrate the rust to the metal substrate. The second coat should be enough to cover first coat and so on.

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