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Practical Tips for Preventing Car Rust

Practical Tips for Preventing Car Rust

Rust Prevention for Cars and Trucks (a practical guide to prevention)

Let’s face it, nobody likes rust on their car or truck. However, rust is an almost inevitable reality for cars in many areas. In some states, the saltwater in the air promotes rust. In other states the salt applied to the roads is the biggest factor. If that wasn’t enough, the high humidity and heat in other areas is to blame. Under these conditions it is no wonder that we spend so much time fixing rust on our cars and trucks. Clearly avoiding rust in the first place is going to save time on and money in the long term.

We’ve compiled a few common tips that will help you prevent rust from forming on your vehicle.

  • Keep your car clean
  • Wash the underside of your car or use automatic washers with underside spray. This is most important during the winter when salt is applied to the roads.
  • Wax the body of your car
  • Keep the proper coolant ratio in your car. Using too much water in your radiator increases the chances of corrosion in your cooling system.
  • Use a car cover that breaths so moisture from the ground isn’t trapped under your car.
  • Fix chips in your paint before your car or truck has a chance to rust.
  • Remove mud and other debris from your wheels and wheel wells.
  • Make sure your drain holes in your car are free of obstructions. This is a major cause of rusted doors.

Rust Prevention for Cars and Trucks


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