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Protecting Collectibles without Coatings


I have an item that I need to protect from rust but I don’t want to coat it with anything. Will your Bull Frog VCI products leave any coating on the surface of my items and will this protect my item from rust?

Bull Frog VCI shields, cups, and strips do not leave any noticeable coating on your items. Unlike traditional rust prevention products, the Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) do not leave an oily or waxy coating on your products. Instead of applying the product directly to the item you need to protect from rust, you only need to keep the shield, cup, or strip in an enclosed container with the item to be protected, the VCI does the rest.

Because no surface coating is applied there is not any decrease in usability or appearance of your item. Items with collectible value are especially good candidates for this method of protection because the value of the item is so dependent on the original appearance of the item.

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