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Remove Salt and Prevent Rust

Remove Salt from Your Boat, Car, Truck, Equipment and More

SALT-AWAY cleans and protects equipment from the corrosive effects of salt water and salt air and leaves a protective film that guards against future corrosion.

Salt Away GroupSalt is a major contributor to rust and corrosion. With care, salt can be properly removed and rust can be prevented in even the harshest environments. Simply rinsing salt away with fresh water is not enough to remove salt and over time the build-up can cause not only rust, but mechanical problems and breakdown. SALT-AWAY is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable product that can safely and effectively remove salt from any surface. Treating the undercarriage, wheel wells, fenders, bumpers, motors, sails, and other surfaces protects against costly repairs caused by the corrosive action of salt. SALT-AWAY breaks down and removes old salt and rust build-up with repeated use. SALT-AWAY can be used safely on paint, rubber, plastic, vinyl, chrome, glass, and any metal including aluminum, or other surfaces exposed to salt. It will not strip wax, cause streaks, or leave spots. SALT-AWAY is not a coating and therefore does not bond to surfaces. It is a water-based maintenance product and can be removed from the treated areas by rain, by washing the vehicle or by driving through the water.

For best results, give the vehicle or boat an ordinary wash first, or remove mud, dirt and other debris so that SALT-AWAY can be applied directly to the surface. Ingredients in the product will not allow the salt crystals to attach to any surface, and will not allow salt crystals to attach to one another. As a result, when applying SALT-AWAY, due to the pressure applied and gravity, there is a "sheeting" effect which causes all the salt to wash to the ground. It also causes salt build-up to break down so those areas can easily be flushed away of salt. High-performing corrosion inhibitors in the product help inaccessible areas from corroding from the inside-out.


  • Icy environments where salt is applied to roads, sidewalks, etc.: Remove salt from car mats, tools, tire changing equipment, carpets, sidewalks, door panels, windows, walls, and more. Remember if wanting to remove salt from flat surfaces such as floors or carpets where there is no run-off, the solution must be vacuumed bringing the dissolved salt into a wet-vac machine. Otherwise when the solution dries, the salt will remain on the surface.
  • Tropical environments where there is exposure to salt water from the ocean: Use on air-conditioning coils and vents, windows, screen doors, boats, bicycles, fishing gear, patio furniture and more.


  • Contains no hazardous chemicals.
  • Non-Toxic. Safe to use around plants, children, pets and all living things.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Environmentally Safe. Safe to discharge into normal drainage outlets.
  • Contains no petroleum products or chemical solvents.
  • Inhibits rusting and corrosion.
  • Completely removes fresh salt.
  • Breaks down layers of salt build-up.


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