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Removing Rust From Engine


The Rust Store,

Here are some "before" pics that show the specific parts I cleaned with Evapo-Rust, before I took them off the engine. You can easily see the bearing caps and the detent lever is visible.

The parts in the picture are the detent lever off a 1929 Fuller and Johnson NC engine and the main bearing caps off the same. I have the whole valve pushrod and magneto trip soaking now in a container I made from PVC pipe. The "before" pics will show how they looked when I brought the engine home. This particular engine was rusty even for an antique--I think it must have been on a cement mixer at some point in its working life.

Jeff C.
Clinton, CT

Great job Jeff! This is such a good use of Evapo-Rust. Turning an old rusted engine into something useful again is very admirable. – The Rust Store

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This was the condition of the antique engine. After soaking the parts in Evapo-Rust the engine parts are now rust free.
Rusted Engine Rust Removed From Engine Parts
Rust Engine Photo 2 Close Up Rust Free Engine
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