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Rust Prevention FAQs

Rust Prevention FAQ's
Plain Steel

Rust Prevention FAQs

How can I get a durable rust prevention coating for machine parts?. Boeshield T-9 is a waxy rust prevention product that offers a 6-month layer of protection for machine parts. Unlike paints, it is easily removable and is available in 12-ox. spray cans or in gallon jugs.

I have a brass musical instrument that I want to protect from rust formation. What products can I use?. Because you want to avoid using chemicals on instruments that are put in your mouth, you will want to store the instrument in an air-tight compartment with either a moisture controlling desiccant product, like silica gel packs.

I store my hand tools and power tools in a damp location. How can I protect them from rust? We recommend storing tools in an airtight container. Also, to protect your tools from any moisture that seeps in while the container is open (the less you open it the better), we recommend using the Bullfrog Rust Blocker Emitter Shield, a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor.

Can Boeshield T-9 be removed? Yes, Boeshield T-9 can be removed with mineral spirits or a degreaser.

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