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VCI Paper FAQs

VCI Paper FAQs

VCI Paper Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between VCI and VpCI paper?

Cortec Vpci Paper Metal Part

The abbreviation for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor is VCI. We exclusively sell Cortec VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) paper. The meaning is the same as both protect with the vapor phase. Only quality Cortec VCI is called VpCI.

How Long Does VCI Paper Last?

Our rolls of Cortec VpCI paper are packaged in sealed corrugated boxes. When not in use, the paper should be stored inside the box which may be taped or otherwise kept closed. This is sufficient to protect the VpCI material and maintain the paper throughout its 2 year shelf life. It is acceptable to store the paper in a sealed plastic bag if the original packaging becomes compromised.

What sizes of VCI paper are available?

We stock Cortec VpCI Paper in rolls, perforated rolls and sheets. Cortec VpCI Rolls are avilable in 600' rolls with widths ranging from 12" wide to 48" wide. The Cortec VpCI Perforated Rolls are available in 600' rolls of 12" width. The Cortec VpCI Paper Sheets are available in a variety of sizes starting with 4" x 8" sheets and going all the way up to 36" x 36" sheets.

Is VCI paper coated on one side or both?

Our Cortec VpCI paper is meant to be used with the Cortec logo facing out. The coating is on the opposite of the logo side.

How do you recommend using Cortec VpCI paper?

The VpCI paper is designed to be used as a wrapping material and packaging material for parts. It is not designed as solely an emitting device. Paper may be used to wrap materials inside a package, or used as interleaving sheets for large stacks of parts, but it not designed to be added to a specific volume of space as an emitter.

How long will VCI paper protect my parts in a sealed bag?

If the paper used to package a part and is properly sealed in a Mylar (or other plastic) bag, the paper will remain active inside the packaging for at least 24 months. In a perfectly sealed environment, once the bag is saturated with VpCI, there is no additional loss of VpCI to the atmosphere.

Is VCI affected by hot or cold temperatures?

Cold temperatures do not significantly affect the performance of VpCI paper, however extreme heat can accelerate the loss of corrosion inhibitors over time. Proper sealing of the packaging does minimize the losses.

Can our business order just one roll of Cortec VpCI paper?

Yes, we're happy to ship one roll. Because we stock rolls for immediate shipment, you can purchase rolls when needed.

Can VCI paper be used with other rust prevention methods?

Cortec VpCI paper can be used with a wide variety of rust prevention solutions. VCI enhances and does not interfere with rust preventive coatings. VpCI paper can also be used with other VCI emitters and even desiccant products.

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