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Woodworking Rust Problems

Woodworking Rust Solutions

Woodworkers have long been plagued with rust problems. Almost every tool used in the woodworking shop is made of steel or iron and is prone to rusting. Woodworking shops are often located in basements, garages or in unheated buildings. These locations, with their high humidity, create ideal conditions for rust. Unfortunately, moving your woodworking shop to a less rust prone area just isn’t very practical. We’ve come up with a few solutions that will help protect the investment you’ve made in your woodworking tools.

Protecting Hand Tools
Protecting woodworking hand tools from rust poses unique challenges compared with other types of rust protection. Hand tools are in direct contact with the user and the wood. Applying paint, sticky, or slippery coatings just wouldn’t work for hand tools. Because of the special needs of woodworkers and their hand tools, we’ve developed a kit specifically designed for the needs of the hand tool user.

Hand Tool Rust Kit

Protecting Power Tools
Protecting power tools from rust starts the day you purchase your power tools. Many power tools come with a rust protection coating from the factory. Unfortunately, for the woodworker, this coating must be removed to use the tool. This leaves the tool unprotected. Our power tool rust kit will keep your tool looking good for years to come.

Not every tool we own or purchase has had the proper care taken to prevent rust. With our recommended rust remover and a little elbow grease you can revive old tools and get your cast iron tops looking great.

Power Tool Rust Kit

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