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Cortec VpCI-329

by Cortec
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Cortec VpCI-329 is a vapor corrosion inhibiting oil-based concentrate for use with lubricating, hydraulic, and preservation oils. VpCI-329 provides excellent protection in sheltered outdoor/indoor conditions. VpCI-329 protects in two unique ways by offering a tenacious film, which clings to metal surfaces as well as vapor phase inhibitors into the air above the oil. The vapors condense and form a protective barrier on metal surfaces that are not in contact with the oil. This combination allows complete protection to internal system parts.


  • Contains no hazardous chromates, nitrites or phosphate inhibitors
  • High flash and fire points
  • Protects ferrous metals, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, cadmium, and silver
  • Zinc-free
  • Compatible with most oils
  • Can be fogged into metal compartments
  • Parts can be dipped and stored
  • VpCI-329 provides good salt spray resistance
  • NATO #6850-66-132-6100, NSN #6850-01-470-3359
  • VpCI-329 conforms to MIL-PRF-46002C (Grade 1)

Method of Application
Short-term protection: One part VpCI-329 to 20 parts oil.
Medium-term protection: One part VpCI-329 to 10 parts oil.
Long-term protection: One part VpCI-329 to 5 parts oil.
Storing metal parts: Spray, dip or brush VpCI-329 onto metal parts before storage.
Storage for lubricating, hydraulic and metal cutting systems: Add Cortec VpCI-329 to oil in engines before storage. For best results, add VpCI-329 to the oil, then cycle or run the engine for 10 minutes before shutdown. After storage, the engine can be normally operated. There is no need to remove VpCI-329 from an operating engine.

Typical Properties
Appearance: Tan to brown viscous liquid
Carrier: Light naphthenic oil
Corrosion Resistance: Up to 60 months
Coverage: 960-1450 ft2/gal (24-36 m2/l)
Drying Time: Remains tacky
Film Thickness (dry film): 1-1.5 mils (25-37.5 microns)
Film Type: Oily
Flash Point: 295°F (146°C)
Non-volatile Content: 91-95%
Pour Point: -30°F (-34°C)
Removal Methods: Petroleum solvent cleaner/alkaline cleaners (VpCI-416 or VpCI-419)
Viscosity: 100-700 cps
Density: 7.4-7.7 lb/gal (0.89-0.92 kg/l)

Packaging and Storage
Available in 5 gallon plastic pails (Cortec Product # 12100031) or 55 gallon metal drums (Cortec Product # 12100032). 5 gallon drum weighs 50 pounds and ships under our standard shipping rates. The 55 gallon drum must be shipped by truck. We will provide you with a freight quote before we ship this product.
VpCI-329 should be sealed before storage. Agitate before each use. The shelf life of VpCI-329 is up to 24 months.

Quantity Discounts Available for Large Orders. Please call for more information.

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