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Cortec VpCI-372

by Cortec
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Ships in 1 to 2 weeks

VpCI-372 is a water-base corrosion inhibiting strippable coating. It provides protection in two ways: atmospheric corrosion and as a physical barrier to protect against nicks, abrasion, scratches, etc. VpCI-372 is used as a dry film, temporary coating for parts and equipment. The coating is stripped or peeled away prior to equipment use, and will not leave a residue.

Suggested Uses:

  • Protection of clean metal surfaces for storage/shipping
  • Protection of painted surfaces from physical abuse during storage/shipping
  • Protection of clean surfaces during other finishing operations as a masking function
  • Paint booths
  • Tooling
  • Keypads


  • Water-based, VOC compliant
  • Prevents corrosion/oxidation of metals
  • Multimetal protection
  • Does not cause contamination of surface upon removal
  • Does not require special equipment for removal
  • Can be disposed of as solid waste
  • Fast drying
  • Requires no solvents or paint/ink removers to remove coating
  • High solids
  • Available in various colors


  • VpCI-372 can be applied to some plastics; however, each plastic needs to be checked for film removal with time.
  • Dry thoroughly before peeling film. Minimum film build is 2 mils DFT (50 microns) for indoor applications and 8 mils DFT (200 microns) for outdoor applications.
  • Do not expose cured film to extreme cold temperatures (lower than 10°F / -12°C).

Typical Application

VpCI-372 is supplied as a water-based, milky white liquid. It is applied by spray, brush, roll, or dip. It provides a clear film which allows for inspection of the surface. If desired, it may be tinted for easy identification of protected surfaces. The film can be peeled from the surface when it is thoroughly dried leaving a clean, ready-to-use substrate.

Graco sprayer recommendations:
Model: Delta A/S
Fluid Tip: 0.055 in (0.140 cm)
Air Cap: Standard
Fluid Pressure: 28 psi (193 kPa) (supply)
Fluid Pressure: 25 psi (172 kPa) (gun)
Fluid Hose: ¼” diameter, 25’ length (0.6 cm, 8 m)
Pump: Special Graco EAS AEO531 Pail mount 307 Husky with SST fittings, nylon strainer, 100 mesh filter

Typical Properties
Appearance: Various colors viscous liquid
Coverage at 4-mils (100 microns): 140-160 ft2/gal (13-15 m2/l)
pH: 9.0-10.0 (Neat)
DFT (indoor): 2-6 mils (50-150 microns)
DFT (outdoor): 8-10 mils (200-250 microns)
WFT (indoor): 5-14 mils (125-350 microns)
WFT (outdoor): 20-25 mils (500-625 microns)
Non-volatile Content: 36-42%
Viscosity: 4000-20,000 cps (ASTM D-2196)
Density: 8.7-9.0 lb/gal (1.05-1.08 kg/l)

Thinning Requirements
Recommended Thinner: Fresh water only if necessary
Airless Spray: None required
Conventional Spray: (0-5%)
Roller and Brush: None required
Clean-up Thinner: Fresh water

Packaging and Storage
Available in 5 gallon plastic pails (Cortec Product # 12300326) or 55 gallon metal drums (Cortec Product # 12300327). 5 gallon drum weighs 50 pounds and ships under our standard shipping rates. The 55 gallon drum must be shipped by truck. We will provide you with a freight quote before we ship this product. VpCI-372 should be stored in a heated warehouse to avoid freezing. The shelf life of VpCI-372 is up to 12 months.

Quantity Discounts Available for Large Orders. Please call for more information.

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