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Cortec VpCI-379

by Cortec
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VpCI-379 is a water-based corrosion preventive liquid concentrate designed to meet tough anti-pollution requirements. It is designed to protect ferrous and nonferrous metals in sheltered areas, indoor or in packages not in direct exposure to rain and outdoor elements. VpCI-379 is designed as a complete replacement for oil-based preventives. The wide dilution range (between 5% and 50%) allows flexibility to customize the length of protection required versus applied cost per square foot (or m2). VpCI-379 is readily soluble and forms a clear solution in water. It is applied to metal surfaces by spraying or dipping. The protective coating is clear and will dry at ambient conditions to become dry-to-touch 30 minutes after application. VpCI-379 can be removed with conventional alkaline cleaners, and can be coated over with paints and primers without removal.


  • Water-soluble
  • Environmentally acceptable and safe to apply
  • Superior protection against humidity
  • Eliminates cleaning and housekeeping problems associated with oils
  • Economical, can be diluted up to 1 part VpCI-379 to 20 parts water
  • Forms clear and dry film which renders attractive appearance to protected parts
  • Easy to remove, if necessary, or paintable with common coatings
  • Displaces water from metal surfaces
  • Unique vapor phase action also protects uncoated and difficult-to-reach areas
  • NSN 8030-01-481-8928

Typical Applications:

  • Castings forgings, tubular parts, machined, and honed metal components
  • Gears, pumps, electric motors, housings, textile, and printing equipment
  • Precision machined parts, structural steel, sintered metals, bars, and roll stock
  • Additive to parts washers and rinse water systems, hydroblasting, and hydrotesting

Add VpCI-379 to water as follows for:

Short term protection:
1 part concentrate to 10-20 parts water

Medium term protection:
1 part concentrate to 6-10 parts water

Protection up to 2 years:
1 part concentrate to 1-5 parts water

If removal is necessary for subsequent operations such as plating, the usual preparatory operations of alkaline washing or degreasing easily removes the coating. In many operations, removal is not necessary since coatings, or paints can be applied directly over treated surfaces at dilutions over 1:5.

Typical Properties
Appearance: Clear amber liquid
pH: 8.6-9.7 (Neat)
Non-volatile Content: 28-35%
Density: 8.5-8.8 lb/gal (1.01-1.05 kg/l)

Metals Protected:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron
  • Copper

Packaging and Storage
Available in 5 gallon pails (Cortec Product # 12000097) or 55 gallon drums (Cortec Product # 12000101). 5 gallon drum weighs 50 pounds and ships under our standard shipping rates. The 55 gallon drum must be shipped by truck. We will provide you with a freight quote before we ship this product. The product should be stored in a heated warehouse to avoid freezing. VpCI-379 has a shelf life of up to 12 months.

Quantity Discounts Available for Large Orders. Please call for more information.

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