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Power Tool Kit

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Power tools have a common problem; the cast iron beds will rust if left untreated. This Power Tool Kit will allow you to spend more time actually using your power tools rather than dealing with rust.

Rust Prevention is a critical first step in the long-term maintenance of power tools because cast iron tops have a tendency to rust. We’ve found Boeshield T-9 to be an effective and convenient rust prevention method for cast iron power tools. (View Boeshield T-9 Separately)

While we all have good intentions, we’ve all left our power tools unprotected at one time or another. Sometimes we just get excited to use our new power tools and forget to protect the cast iron, sometimes we just don’t follow a good maintenance schedule and rust forms on our tools. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, Rust Free will help you remove the rust so you can get your tools back in working order. This is a very fast acting rust removal spray, just spray it on the surface and allow the rust remover to work for 1 minute. Then simply wipe it off. If any rust remains, just repeat the process until your tool is completely free of rust. (View Rust Free Separately)

When your tools are extra rusty, a little elbow grease with a fine abrasive pad will help you remove the rust. This kit includes Norton pads which measure 6" by 9" and are perfect for working the large cast iron surface found on table saws, bandsaws, planers and jointers. (View Abrasive Pads Separately) Follow this up with an application of Boeshield T-9 to protect your tools from further corrosion.

This kit contains a 8.45 fl. oz. spray bottle of Rust Free, a 12 oz. aerosol can of Boeshield T-9 and 5 large abrasive hand pads. This kit was designed for use on cast iron power tools but works equally well on just about any metal surface.

Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.

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