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Cortec VpCI-425

by Cortec
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VCI-425 is a powder that is used with water at 5-12% by weight to remove light oxides and staining from copper, steel and aluminum. It can be used to clean chemical manufacturing equipment such as blenders and reactors, cooling towers, heat exchangers, water pipes, etc. In solution, VCI-425 has pH of between 6 and 7. That makes the product quite safe to handle, use and dispose of for most jobs. VCI-425 is best suited for jobs requiring chemical cleaning without the associated hazards from strong acids, inaccessible and hard to reach areas and where there is significant surface area.


  • Removes rust and scale.
  • Provides good base for protective coatings.
  • Waste treatment not usually required.
  • Neutral pH for longer equipment life and much safer handling, use and storage.
  • Powder form minimizes shipping costs.
  • 100% active material, no fillers.
  • Mixes readily with water.

Add VCI-425 to water until desired concentration is reached. Maximum solubility in water is 12-14% by weight. Solution works best when parts are immersed in solution (i.e. dip or flood) and if solution can be heated (140 degrees F - 200 degrees F/ 60 degrees C - 90 degrees C). Allow parts to remain in contact with solution until desired outcome is reached. The time in solution per part is independent per part and is effected by the severity of corrosion, temperature of solution, substrate and other factors. Cleaning times can be from minutes to hours.

VCI-425 is available in 5 pound, 50 pound and 100 pound fiber drums. When not in use, VCI-425 should be stored in a dry warehouse with no direct exposure to sunlight at temperatures not exceeding 122 degrees F (50 degrees C). VCI-425 may be stored under these conditions for approximately 36 months.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: Off-white to tan powder
Odor: Mild
pH: 7-8 (10% aqueous)

Quantity Discounts Available for Large Orders. Please call for more information.

  • 5 lb - Cortec #11600191
  • 50lb - Cortec #11600192
  • 100 lb - Cortec #11600193

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