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Cortec VpCI-649

by Cortec
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Ships in 1 to 2 weeks

Provides economical environmentally friendly temporary corrosion protection to metal substrates.

VpCI-649 is a unique concentrated liquid formulation that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosive solutions. In addition, this product is designed to provide long-term protection in fresh water and glycol closed loop systems.

VpCI-649 is effective as a replacement for nitrite, bromate, and/or chromate-based formulations.

VpCI-649 combines contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors along with anti-scalants in non-toxic formulation that does not contain nitrites, phosphates, chromates, or heavy metals. This product helps solve the problem of disposal, particularly for large quantities of water.


  • Effective for a broad range of applications to stop aggressive corrosion in systems containing fresh water, glycol coolants, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly and nitrite-free
  • Low concentration effectiveness provides economical treatment
  • Vapor phase action provides protection to areas that contact inhibitors cannot reach
  • Contains an acrylic polymer to prevent scale formation
  • Readily water-soluble liquid for easy application
  • Multimetal protection
  • Effective in low dosages
  • Does not contain free amines

Typical Applications:

  • Inhibitor for closed loop cooling systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Inhibitor for hydrostatic testing of pipelines, casings, tanks, and valves
  • Inhibitor for packer fluid applications
  • Prevents water-bottom corrosion in oil storage tanks
  • Alkanolamine sweeteners
  • Pulp and paper process equipment
  • Mines, mining, and earth moving equipment
  • Inhibitor for lay-up application of cooling towers

Closed loop operational systems start at 2,500-3,000 ppm (0.25-0.3 wt.%)
For seasonal wet lay-up application (up to 6 months) use VpCI-649 at a concentration of 0.5 wt.% of inhibitor by volume.
For hydrotest and drain applications contact us for dosage information
For systems already using Molybdate, please use VpCI-649 OF which does not contain tracer.

Typical Properties:
Appearance: Clear amber liquid
Shelf Life: 18 months
Density: 9.5-9.7 lb/gal (1.14-1.16 kg/l)
Type: Water-based
Non-volatile Content: 43-49%
pH: 9.1-9.6 (Neat)

Available in 5 gallon pails (Cortec Product Code 13600485) or 55 gallon metal drums (Cortec Product Code 13600486). 5 gallon pail weighs 50 pounds and ships under our standard shipping rates. The 55 gallon drum must be shipped by truck. We will provide you with a freight quote before we ship this product. This product should be stored in tightly closed containers. Shelf life is 18 months.

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