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Fluid Film Liquid AR 55 Gallon Drum

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Fluid Film is a unique product for rust protection. Unlike many oil-based products on the market, there are no solvents in the product. When there are no solvents, there are almost no VOCs to evaporate. With very low VOCs, everything that you apply stays on the surface to protect it from rust. Not only is this method more environmentally friendly, but it allows the product to go further per ounce than solvent-based products.

Liquid AR is a thicker version of the original Fluid Film formula. It is suitable for areas that are highly susceptible to abrasions or washing off such as wheel wells. If you think of the standard Fluid Film as having the viscosity of latex paint and Liquid-A having the viscosity of vegetable oil, then you can visualize Liquid-AR like gel or a light grease. Due to this thicker viscosity, Liquid-AR must be applied with a stiff brush or trowel, and will not work with a sprayer.

Freight is $130.00 for this drum within the 48 states.

Made in the USA.

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