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Hand Pump For Fluid Film 5 Gallon

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Mess Free Dispensing

5 Gallon Pails are a convenient size for shops that regularly use Fluid Film. That is, they are convenient in terms of value. In terms of dispensing the Fluid Film from the pail, convenient may not be the word that comes to mind. But the Hand Pump For 5 Gallon Buckets changes that.

Simply remove the Fluid Film pail lid and replace it with the Fluid Film 5 Gallon Pump. This makes it very easy to refill bottles, cans or spray guns. If you use Fluid Film by the 5 Gallon Pail, this pump is for you.

Q. Is assembly required?

A. Yes, you will have a few pieces to put together. You will receive a lid for the bucket and a pump. In the bag with the pump will be an assembly for the screw cap, see the photo above, step 1. You must separate the screw cap assembly into three parts, the screw cap, an o-ring, and a sleeve, step 2 in photo. Slide the pieces onto the pump tube in order - screw cap first, o-ring second, then sleeve third, see step 3 in photo. Finally, insert the pump tube into the hole in the lid and screw down cap to secure.

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