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Boeshield T-9, 12 oz. Aerosol

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  • Developed & licensed by The Boeing Company to fill their need for a superior lubricant/protectant.
  • Convenient 12 oz. spray can.

Rust Prevention and Lubrication all in one Convenient Spray

Boeshield T-9 was designed by Boeing Aviation as a corrosion inhibitor for aircraft components. Through licensing, this product is available to consumers and businesses. Boeshield T-9 is a combination of solvents, lubricants and waxes designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication, and protection.

Boeshield T-9 dries to a thin waxy film that clings to metal. Because it adheres to metal so well, it works directly on exposed metal surfaces. The product can be used in two ways to prevent rust.

A thicker coating works in places where additional protection is helpful such as on hinges, chains, undercarriages, cables and on items put into storage. To apply a thicker coating, just spray it on and leave it.

A thin coating works well when direct contact is made with the surface such as on cast iron table tops, garden tools and other hand tools. To use a thin coating just spray it on and use a rag to remove the excess. Applications of T-9 every few months maintains the rust inhibiting barrier.

Unlike some sprays, it is safe on paint, plastics, and vinyl. As an added benefit it will also loosen rusty and corroded parts. 12 oz. Aerosol Can.

If you need larger quantities, Boeshield T-9 is also available in one-gallon and five gallon containers.

Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

The Many Uses of Boeshield T-9
· Engines and Drives · Table Saw Tops · Undercarriage
· Electric and Battery · Planer · Hinges
· Deck Hardware · Jointer · Electrical and Battery
· Fishing Tackle · Radial Arm Saws · Engine
  · Drill Press · Parts
  · Hand Tools · Trailers
· Inner Wings · Chain · Garden Tools
· Airframes · Cables · Guns
· Cables, Hinges · Derailleurs · Sliding Doors


Caution: Product is flammable, harmful, or fatal if swallowed; contents under pressure.

Q. In what sizes is T-9 available?

A. It is available in 12 oz. aerosol cans, 4 ounce bottles, 1 gallon jugs, and 5 gallon containers.

Q. Can I use T-9 on my bicycle chain?

A. Yes, Boeshield T-9 is great rust preventer and a superb bike chain lubricant. You can also us it on your caliper pivots, derailleur, seat posts, brake cables, spoke nipples, shift cables and the inside frame. Do not apply T-9 to rims or brake surfaces. Bike racers and recreational bikers have been using T-9 for years. We recommend applying T-9 to the chain, then letting it dry for an hour or two. This will allow the lubricant to dry. After it dries your chain is well lubricated and also protected from rust and corrosion.

Q. Is Boeshield T-9 sticky and will it attract dirt?

A. No, T-9 is not sticky, and does not attract grit but tends to shed dirt while providing lubrication.

Q. Can T-9 be removed?

A. Yes, but simple water alone will not do it. T-9 can be removed by using mineral spirits or a degreaser.

Q. Will it work on battery terminals?

A. Yes, for cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats. Just spray on liberally and wipe away any runoff.

Q. Can I apply T-9 on galvanized metal surfaces?

A. Yes, T-9 is safe to use on galvanized metal.

Q. We live near the ocean and are constantly being bombarded with salt mist and spray. Does T-9 perform well under saltwater conditions?

A. Yes, Boeshield T-9 exhibits excellent results in salt spray exposure. In very heavy exposure it may need to be applied every 2-3 months.

Q. Will T-9 help prevent corrosion on my motorcycle engine and muffler during winter storage, and my snowmobile during summer storage?

A. Yes, T-9 should work well on the engines and exhausts, giving long term rust prevention. It will not harm anything and it's been used in the same way on marine engines for 20+ years. When you restart the motor, it will vaporize off the muffler and should leave no lasting stain.

Q. Is T-9 safe to use on food prep surfaces?

A. No, it is not FDA approved.

Q. Does Boeshield T-9 leave an oily or greasy film on the surface?

A. No greasy film is left if you wipe it off after applying it. Of course the more product you leave on, the better the protection.

Q. Does T-9 have any silicone in it? I want to use it in a wood shop, and silicone shouldn't be used in wood finishing.

A. T-9 has no silicone or Teflon's; it's a paraffin wax base.

Q. I have a garage door that's squeaky and doesn't glide well in the tracks. Will T-9 work well on it?

A. Yes, spray every pivot point, roller, spring, track, latch and hinge, then wipe off the excess. Do it about once a year and everything will work smoothly.

Q. I have some rusty hinges that need to be loosened, will T-9 do the trick?

A. Yes, T-9 penetrates into metal pores and existing corrosion. Because it has excellent penetrating abilities and high creep rate it will, by capillary action, penetrate and seep into rusty hinges and loosen them. It's also great for loosening and lubricating locks, rusty nuts, bolts and seized parts.

Q. What happens when I reapply T-9 over an existing coat?

A. Reapplication simply softens the existing coating and the T-9 simply redistributes itself and does not build up.

Q. What happens if T-9 is exposed to freezing temperatures?

A. It is not damaged by freezing.

Q. What type of coverage should I expect?

A. Coverage for a single 12 oz. aerosol can may exceed 50 square feet depending on the method of application and thickness of coating.

Q. How thick of a layer can I apply to provide maximum protection?

A. Proper rate of application for spray method can be determined by observation. As T-9 is being applied it should have a heavy 'orange peel' look and begin to gloss over in a few minutes at room temperature. If it is immediately glossy then reduce the amount being applied. Check the surface again after a few minutes and touch up any bare spots. Excessive coating wastes material and may extend set time due to puddling.

Q. How long does it take for Boeshield T-9 to set?

A. Set time varies from seconds for thin film applications, to hours and possibly days for thick film applications depending upon the thickness of coating and your environment. Air circulation, temperature, humidity, sun exposure etc. are determining factors from the environment.

Q. Will UV rays break down T-9?

A. Yes, T-9 contains no UV inhibitors and therefore must be reapplied more frequently when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods in outdoor applications.

Q. Is Boeshield T-9 water resistant?

A. Yes, and it also repels sand and mud.

Q. What color is T-9?

A. Boeshield T-9 is a translucent, colorless film.

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