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Marine Tuf-Cloth

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Sentry Solutions Marine TUF-CLOTH uses the same dry film technology as the original TUF-CLOTH, but with added protection to endure extreme use, saltwater, high humidity, and long-term storage. One wipe with the Marine TUF CLOTH wipes away dirt, displaces moisture, and leaves behind an ultra-protective microcrystal layer that prevents everything from rust to fingerprint damage. 12" X 12" cloth.

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  • For best results and longer product life, use MARINE TUF-CLOTH on clean surfaces. Wipe very dirty surfaces with clean cloth first.
  • Wipe surfaces firmly with MARINE TUF-CLOTH and allow to dry. Drying time varies; wet cloth applies thicker shield, longer drying time.
  • Return cloth to special vapor-barrier pouch and seal tightly for longer life. USE REGULARLY FOR BEST RESULTS.

Q. How often do I need to use TUF-CLOTH?

A. When you first start using the product, use it every time you use or handle your equipment. This will ensure that you are getting complete coverage and the active ingredients bond to the pores of the metal. Once your equipment has been thoroughly wiped with TUF-CLOTH the protection can last up to a year if the item is in storage. If the metal is exposed to wear or extreme conditions you should use TUF-CLOTH more frequently.

Q. Will TUF-CLOTH remove rust on my equipment?

A. No, TUF-CLOTH is not a rust remover. You will need to remove the rust first, then use TUF-CLOTH to keep the rust from forming again.


A. MARINE TUF-CLOTH has additional rust inhibitors. If your equipment will be exposed to salt-water, sweat soaked (as in concealed carry), or in storage, use MARINE TUF-CLOTH. This product was designed at the request of Navy SEALSs for diving operations and provides a thicker film of protection for extreme conditions. The thicker film dries more slowly and leaves gloss finishes hazy. The haze can be buffed to a shine using a clean lint-free cloth, without removing the protection.

Q. Can I use my TUF-CLOTH treated knife to cut food?

A. TUF-CLOTH's dry bonded protection is non-toxic. The bonding reduces any transfer to food items cut. If you plan to cut food with a TUF-CLOTH treated blade, we suggest that you wash or wipe the blade first, and then reapply when convenient.

Q. TUF-CLOTH smells, will it affect my hunt?

A. No, game will not detect the odor. As the products dry and bond to metal, the smell disappears.

Q. Will it leave any type of film that will attract sand, dust, dirt, or water?

A. No, because TUF-CLOTH works when dry, not wet.

Q. Will it thicken or gum up under extreme cold, or thin out in extreme heat?

A. TUF-CLOTH's dry bonded protectant capabilities do not attract dirt and enhance reliability under the harshest and most extreme conditions, from temperatures of -65 degrees to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

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