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Valugard Automotive Cavity Wax - Aerosol

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  • Automotive Rust Protectant
  • Sets firm, won't run or drip
  • Convenient 12 oz. spray can.
  • Use with Aerosol Snake Wand for cavities and tight spaces

Cavity Wax Rust Prevention in a Convenient Aerosol

Valugard VG-101A Rust Inhibitor has excellent crevice penetration and provides outstanding corrosion protection, making it ideal for use on cars, trucks, RVs, boats, aircraft, electrical connection junction boxes, lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, equipment storage and lay up. Anywhere corrosion protection is needed.

Many rust preventatives remain liquid, not staying where they are applied or creating a messy, hard to handle surface. Unlike the others, VG-101A dries firm to the touch with a slight tacky feel. Creating an effective barrier coating that stays where you put it with no running or dripping.

To apply, make sure the surface is free of grease, rust and wax. Shake the can vigorously for one minute before application, then hold the can about 12” away from the work surface as you spray. Apply light, even coats. To reach into cavities or other tight spots, use the Aerosol Snake Wand. When applying inside cavities, make sure that all drain holes remain open.

A typical car requires 3-4 cans for a complete rust prevention application, a truck 3-5.

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