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Concrete Rust Remover Drum

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  • Safely Remove Rust From Concrete
  • Concentrated Powder in Industrial Size
  • Designed specifically for Concrete, Stone and Masonry
  • Safer and More Effective than Acids
  • Not Available in Stores

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This large 60-lb. drum (equals more than 43 smaller containers) of Concrete Rust Remover will safely and easily remove rust on concrete, stone and masonry. Use on basement or garage floors, walkways, driveways, stone or concrete walls, steps, bridges, paver blocks and more. Will not harm grass or vegetation. Can be rinsed off with plain water. Biodegradable. Contains no phosphates. Works well on all rust stains including those caused by lawn fertilizer or untreated sprinkler systems. Great for lawn care services, real estate companies, building maintenance companies, contractors, government agencies, golf courses and more.

Product is a powder concentrate that when mixed as directed with water forms a gel that can applied directly to the rust stains. 60-lb. powder concentrate covers approximately 2600 square feet.


  1. Clean dirt from the surface to be treated.
  2. Add Concrete Rust Remover powder concentrate to water as directed on the label.
  3. Stir until a clear liquid gel is formed.
  4. Spread generously on rust stain with a paint brush or scrub brush.
  5. Let stand 15 minutes or longer, depending on the severity of the stain. Simply wash away with water when complete. Repeat if necessary and apply a brushing action, if necessary.

    NOTE: Only mix as much as needed. After mixing, the rust remover loses rust removing ability over time. About half its strength is depleted in four hours.

Shipping Weight 65.0 lbs. Ships via UPS.

Drums may not be returned.

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Click here for our 22 oz. bucket of Concrete Rust Remover.

Rusty Concrete Before Application Concrete after application of Concrete Rust Remover
Severe rust stains have formed on the concrete from a rusty pipe. These stains have gone untreated for well over a year. The stains in the treated area are gone. You can still see some light stains remaining on the untreated area.
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Comments From Our Customers:

I recently purchased a small tub of Concrete Rust Remover. It managed to do what the professionals could not! With just one brush-on application to iron oxide stains on my driveway, just fifteen minutes later a water hose washed the rust away. I'm so impressed that I'm ordering additional rust removal products for my bathroom.
Thank you for the great products!
Wayne T.
Millers Creek, NC

Several weeks ago my husband spread granular Ironite on the lawn and forgot to sweep off the sidewalk afterward. It rained that night and in the morning the sidewalk was terribly stained with ugly orange spots. I tried several other rust removers and they did virtually nothing. The spots only lightened up a tiny bit. I just tried your rust remover on my badly stained sidewalk and it actually worked! All of the stains came off with a bit of scrubbing. Your product is a miracle.

In these days of more complaints than praise, I find it refreshing to tell you how pleased I am with your concrete rust remover. It did all that was claimed. I must have spent $100 on products that did not phase the rust. My thanks and I will certainly recommend your products.
Robert W.
Fayetteville, TN

This summer after fertilizing our front yard, my wife and I noticed a tremendous amount of large orange spots on our driveway and sidewalk. It looked terrible and we didn't know what to do. Through the advice of some friends, we determined that we needed a powerful rust removal product to remove the the rust stains caused by our lawn fertilizer and ironite. Luckily, we found The Rust Store's Concrete Rust Removal product. The product was easy to use and with a bit of work, our driveway and sidewalk now look great. What a relief...thank you so much The Rust Store!
Mary and Mike S.
Lebanon, OH

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