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Valugard Undercoating - Quart

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  • Underbody rust protection
  • Won't run or drip
  • Black color for finished appearance

Solid Rust Prevention for Your Vehicle

The underbody of your car or truck takes some serious abuse. It suffers a barrage of road debris with every mile. And along with the dust and dirt comes water, and in many parts of the country, de-icing chemicals like rock salt and magnesium chloride. The result of this pummeling is rust, unless you take steps to protect your vehicle.

Valugard VG-104 Undercoating is a sprayable, durable coating that provides rust protection for the under body of your car, truck or RV. It is wax based and remains flexible in the coldest temperatures but will not run or drip even in the hottest, and its black color gives a finished appearance to wheel wells and other visible areas. When applied in a thicker coating, it even provides sound deadening insulation.

To apply, make sure the surface is free of grease, rust and wax. Use the Valugard Undercoating Gun or similar air atomized siphon or pressure pot spray system. Apply in light coats to a thickness 12 to 15 mils (1 mil = 1/1000”) for corrosion protection and 60 mils (approximately 1/16”) for sound deadening. Let dry for 30 minutes. Dried material can be removed with mineral spirits.

Take care not to apply to drive shaft, oil pan, brake drums or disks, heat shield, transmission, exhaust manifold catalytic converter or parking brake cable.

One quart covers approximately 40 square feet at 12 mils. A typical car underbody requires 2-3 quarts, a truck 3-4.

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