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40 Gram Rechargeable Silica Gel Canister

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  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Prevent Rust, Mildew, Corrosion & Spoilage
  • Lasts a Lifetime
  • Protects 3 Cubic Feet of Enclosed Space

Easily and Economically Reduce Moisture Damage in Small, Enclosed Spaces with a Reusable Silica Gel Canister

Moisture in tool boxes, chests, drawers, camera cases, Pelican cases, and any other enclosed area can contribute to rust, condensation, mold and mildew problems. This canister of silica gel is an effective method of reducing harmful moisture in an enclosed area.

The durable aluminum construction allows the canister to be used in just about any enclosure. The 4" x 2" x 1/2" canister contains 40 grams of silica gel to protect up to 3 cubic feet.

The moisture indicator on the front turns from orange to dark green to let you know when the silica gel canister has reached its moisture saturation. Once it reaches its saturation, just toss it in your oven (2-3 hours at 250-260 degrees F) to recharge the canister. Canisters can be recharged as often as needed.

Now Cobalt Chloride free! The 40 gram canisters now contain indicating gel that changes from orange to dark green when the silica gel needs to be recharged. The older style (blue to pink) contains Cobalt Chloride, a possible carcinogen to humans. The reformulated silica gel has the same moisture absorption capacity and effectiveness, but does not contain Cobalt Chloride.

Please Note: When you first use the Silica Gel Canister in a particular area, it may become saturated rather quickly as it absorbs residual moisture. Once the residual dampness is removed, you can maintain a dry condition with less frequent need to reactivate.

Shipping Weight .25 lbs.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Silica Gel.

Q. Can I reuse silica gel?

A. Yes, all of our "Rechargeable" Silica gel packs, including this 40 gram canister, can be reused after recharging. We also sell "One Time Use" Silica gel packs that cannot be reused. The packaging type dictates whether drying is practical or not.

Q. How do I recharge the silica gel?

A. The 40 gram aluminum canister can easily be recharged. To reactivate, simply place entire canister on oven safe baking sheet and put in the oven for two hours at 250-260 degrees Fahrenheit (if overly saturated, extend to 3 hours). You will know when it's ready because the green indicating beads will turn back to orange. Multiple units may be dried at one time.

Q. How many times can I reuse the rechargeable silica gel packages?

A. Indefinitely, the 40 silica gel container can be used over and over again.

Q. How can I tell if it needs to be recharged?

A. The indicator will change from orange to dark green.

Q. Is Silica Gel safe to use around foods?

A. Yes, it is inert, non-toxic and safe to use to protect foods, medicines, and a wide variety of sensitive materials.

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