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by Cortec
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CorrBlock is formulated using renewable soybean-based wax and proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology. When immersed in water CorrBlock slowly dissolves and releases calculated amount of inhibitors required for corrosion protection of a system. The inhibitors in CorrBlock provide multimetal protection including ferrous metals, galvanized steel, aluminum, and yellow metals. They can replace chromates, nitrites, and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. The VpCIs form a strong monomolecular layer on metal surfaces that protect in all three phases -- liquid, vapor, and the vapor-liquid interface. CorrBlock provides water treatment companies with the ability to conveniently incorporate Cortec® VpCI technology into their specific applications. CorrBlock conforms with NACE Standard Practice RP0487-2000, NACE Standard Test Method TM0208-2008 and MIL-I-22110C.

DOSAGE RATES: CorrBlock should provide 50 - 100 ppm of inhibitors in a system when immersed. Each CorrBlock weighs approximately 400g and is made to treat 4000 liters of running water. The exact amount of CorrBlock needed for a system should be determined based on water volume, flow rate, water temperature and water chemistry. When a CorrBlock is dissolved a new one can be easily added to the system to provide continued protection.

Cortec CorrBlock. 12 blocks per carton. Weight: 12 pounds per carton. (Cortec Product # 13602100).

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