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Cortec VpCI-658

by Cortec
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The corrosion of metals under thermal insulation is an industry wide problem, specifically during idle cooling down periods. The presence of condensed water, airborne contaminants and corrosive agents that are generated through thermal decomposition and aging of insulating materials further increases the rate of attack on underlying metal surfaces. Due to failure of outer water barrier wraps or jackets, the moisture content of the insulation can often reach the point of saturation. This, combined with elevated temperatures, can cause corrosion rates to multiply to extremely high levels. VpCI-658 has been specifically designed to counter this problem with existing insulation, avoiding the additional expense of replacing the insulation and refinishing the underlying metal.The migratory inhibitors of VpCI-658 have been formulated to provide rapid transport of VpCI throughout the insulating jacket. VpCI-658 is applied by injection into the insulating jacket through either gravity feed or by using a portable injection pump. Tests confirm almost complete prevention of corrosion under silicate type insulation after 6 months exposure at the point of water saturation levels. The VpCI-658 is injected at 12-24 month intervals with distances between injection points of 10-20 feet (3-6 m) depending upon the diameter of the pipe or vessel and density of the insulating material. VpCI-658 is capable of preventing further corrosion of surfaces already oxidized as well a spectrum of metals and alloys including carbon and stainless steels, aluminum and copper-based alloys. Typical injection rates are calculated based on the volume of insulation: 10 cc per ft3 (330 cc/m3).

Available in the following:

  • 5 gallon pail (Cortec Product #14100352) - Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
  • 55 gallon drum (Cortect Product #14100353) - Shipping Weight 500 lbs.

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