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Customer Removes Rust Stain Caused by Golf Cart

Rust Stain Caused by Golf Cart Battery

Customer Removes Rust Stains from Golf Cart Battery

Dave, from North Carolina, emailed us this photo of his rust stain caused by a golf cart battery. We have countless customers with this exact same issue. We appreciate Dave for sending us this before and after photo showing how well our Concrete Rust Remover works for removing these stains.

Rust Stains from Golf Cart Battery

The chemical reaction that occurs when battery acid meets concrete is a nasty one. For years the only solution was to hire a professional who used a highly corrosive product to remove... until The Rust Store created their concrete stain removal product. It's safe and easy to use -- and it WORKS! Check out my before and after.

North Carolina

We recommend our Concrete Rust Remover for rust stains caused by golf cart battery stains.

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