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Salt Coated Jeep Needs Help

Copy of How to Save Your Car from Brine Sprayed on Roads

This is What a Vehicle Looks like Covered in Road Salt

This Jeep drove around after a snowstorm in Wisconsin. The salt was applied to the roads which then transferred to just about every square inch of the body and frame. Leaving a vehicle covered in salt is a good way to promote rust.

Salt Covered Jeep Wrangler

Salty Jeep

This vehicle is completely covered in salt.

How to Remove Salt from Your Vehicle

Remove the Salt - We use Salt Away to remove all types of salt from our cars and trucks. The sooner it is removed, the less damage it can cause. Think of Salt Away in the same way you think of soap when washing your hands, it helps you remove the dirt. Road crews and salt trucks have been using Salt Away for years to help protect their vehicles.

In addition to removing the salt from your vehicle, Salt Away provides temporary protection from rust on unprotected surfaces.

Vehicle Rust Protection - Just rinsing away the salt after exposure is good but rust protection is key for keeping rust away in the highly corrosive conditions that exist on many roads. We have many options that help protect the under-body of vehicles.

  • Fluid Film is a popular coating because it protects, is easy to apply, and can be removed if needed.
  • Our vehicle Undercoating leaves a very durable black coating that provides many years of protection.
  • For those hard to reach spots, our Cavity Wax is used to coat the inside of frame rails and other hidden rust prone areas.
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