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Last Days of Salt on the Roads

Salt on Raods

Is this the Last Day of Salt on the Roads?

Rusty - March 10, 2016

It has finally warmed up in Wisconsin. The grass isn't green yet and there are still mounds of snow in a few spots. Recent rains have washed most of the salt off of the roads.

Now is a good time to check your vehicles undersides. On our vehicle, a Jeep Wrangler, salt is present on the frame and is helping to create the conditions for rust. The sooner and more thoroughly the salt is removed, the less likely that rust will form.

Salt On Frame

We recommend a car wash along with a thorough rinse with Salt Away. We like to use Salt Away because it removes salt from vehicle frames, bodies and undercarriages more effectively than just using water. Salt Away dissolves and removes salt residue that water alone can not. An end of season rinse will ensure your vehicle is protected and free of salt during the upcoming months.


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